The Jewelry Retailer’s Marketing Survival Pack

Local jewelry retailers experience many challenges in marketing online to their customers including higher price points and the desire for not one sale, but rather, life-long clientele.

After hundreds of successful digital ads campaigns, SEO campaigns, extensive keyword research, and over 10 years in the retail jewelry marketing industry, we’ve narrowed down our top 4 recommendations for jewelry store owners looking to gain new life-long clientele – in as little as 60 days. 

So, without further ado: The Jewelry Retail’s Marketing Survival Pack.

#1 Local Reputation

When people search for jewelry retail stores, they are looking for far more than to make a purchase. Many people are seeking an experience, a relationship, expert guidance, and a story behind each unique piece.

Any consumer making a large investment is going to want to trust the person that the person they are buying from is genuine, has their best interest in mind, and that they are someone who will treat them with the same respect, large purchase or small. Robust and frequent customer reviews are, perhaps, the most valuable thing a Jewelry retail store can attain to succeed online. Your website and social media portfolios show what you offer. Your reviews show your magic. Learn more about Google Business Profiles here. 

If you’re looking to show up 1st on those “jewelry store near me” searches, attaining more customer reviews could expedite the number of customers walking into your store more than you may realize.

 Local SEO & Reputation Management is your new secret weapon and Our Jewelry retail SEO Experts are here to help.

 Also, peep our Local SEO results below. 

#2 Google Search Advertising

Because of competitors like Zayles or Tiffany and Co., all of which have bottomless marketing budgets, many independent jewelry retail stores struggle to make it to the 1st page of Google. The top 3 results on Google searches receive 75.1% of user clicks (  When customers type in keywords like “Engagement rings” or “Custom Jewelry”, how can you possibly ensure you’re showing up top 3? The short answer: Google Search Campaigns. 

These campaigns, when done meticulously and with knowledge of the industry, allow you to skip the line and years of SEO work so you’re showing up 1st for all your favorite keywords. Fun fact: Google searchers are the most high intent users on the web and the customers most ready to buy, which is why google advertising is #1 lead generation method for retail jewelry stores. Learn more about Google Search Ads. 

Need some advice on your current campaign or don’t know how to start? We’ve got a Google ads expert ready when you are. 


#3 Performance Max Campaigns for Jewelers

A brand spankin’ new Google Ads feature: Performance max campaigns span visual ads (video and static images) across the entire Google display network. This includes: Youtube, other websites, Maps, Gmail, and even search. They allow the visual touch your ad campaign needs to catch an online user’s attention effectively. They allow jewelry stores to showcase their best merchandise without waiting for users to visit their website or social media pages. Like search campaigns, these campaigns require robust customer profile builds, keyword volume research, and google analytics research in order to be successful. Learn more about performance max campaigns here

Hiring a jewelry marketing professional is advised to ensure your ad dollars are consistently yielding new customers and most importantly,  conversions. While you’re at it, view some of our most successful video ads that we use for performance max campaigns. 

#4 Jewelry Retail Events

A universally coveted experience -a good reason to dress up, look at pretty things, and drink champaign.

Perhaps, one of the most successful strategies for building life-long relationships for our jewelry clients has been by way of well designed, in-store events. While many ad campaigns assist those ready-to-buy customers in finding what they need, events say “come in and stay while”. When designed and marketed correctly, events allow people to feel less like customers and more like family.

In-store jewelry Events allow customers, new and old, to explore your inventory while simultaneously getting to know your store, your staff, and all the ways in which your store is so much more than a collection of fine jewelry. 

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