Performance Max Campaigns Updates You Need to Know for your 2022 Google Ads Campaigns

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Over the course of the past few years, Google has introduced numerous automated tools like Responsive Search Ads, Smart Bidding, close variant keywords, etc. And while these tools have helped advertisers level up their ad campaigns, the Performance Max Campaign feature is revolutionary. (image source If you haven’t set up one before, allow us […]

The Jewelry Retailer’s Marketing Survival Pack


Local jewelry retailers experience many challenges in marketing online to their customers including higher price points and the desire for not one sale, but rather, life-long clientele. After hundreds of successful digital ads campaigns, SEO campaigns, extensive keyword research, and over 10 years in the retail jewelry marketing industry, we’ve narrowed down our top 4 […]

Brand Essentials for E-Commerce in 2022

Online shopping has become a rampant part of our society, and even more so in most recent years.  It’s no secret that the feeling of coming home to a beautiful, brown cardboard box at our door feels like Sunday Morning. Not to mention, our world is more connected than ever before in the history of […]

Home Service Marketing Essentials 2022

3 Marketing Essentials for Home Service Businesses and Independent Contractors For home services professionals, competition can be stiff. There are a lot of providers out there, and it can be hard to figure out the best way to stand out against the crowd. The way homeowners shop about and search for home repair and home […]

Business to Business Market Trends 2022

Is Your Promotion Strategy Ahead of the Curve? Trends in B2B marketing have always evolved to better leverage the ever-changing market’s behavior. Recently, businesses have had to rethink best practices in B2B marketing to keep up with drastic changes in the global economy caused by the pandemic, America’s current recession, and the current war in […]

2022 Consumer Trends: The Year of Connection, Influencers, and No Decisions

Often, we approach business and marketing strategies and forget to leave our biases at the door and pay attention to the world changing around us. We get blinders. Many of us fail to pay attention to the big stuff as we get bogged down with the details. Consumer trends as our the big spenders, Millennials […]