Brand Essentials for E-Commerce in 2022

Online shopping has become a rampant part of our society, and even more so in most recent years. 

It’s no secret that the feeling of coming home to a beautiful, brown cardboard box at our door feels like Sunday Morning. Not to mention, our world is more connected than ever before in the history of mankind. E-Commerce not only allows us convenience, but it allows the consumer to purchase and connect with unique people and products across the world that they never would have come into contact with organically. 

Within this beautiful phenomenon, we, as businesses, have one major problem: E-Commerce allows the modern consumer to be excessively picky. It can feel impossible to stand out and create notoriety. 

Branding & Visual Identity

As we all know, some of today’s most successful  businesses are those who go “viral” through mediums like instagram and Tik Tok. Some create content for their products and services that is simply too good to be ignored. They are creative, comical, emotionally aware, risk takers. They have strong value systems and support causes they believe to be important. The very best brands are not for everyone. They are designed to create a solution or an experience that makes their ideal customers feel vividly understood. This is exactly why branding will be the backbone of your e-commerce business and your marketing campaign. Without it, your e-commerce business will be one of thousands that fail every year. 

Looking for an epic brand strategy? Speak with our Branding Expert. 

Influencer Marketing

Other exponentially successful e-commerce brands hire influencers to expedite trust in their brand and illustrate their product’s full experience. People are no longer just looking for the right product, they are looking for a story. Trust is as vital as it is challenging to acquire. Influencers feel like online friends to digital users and help illustrate the exact experience they can expect.

Influencers are a fantastic way to acquire brand awareness and huge leaps of sales. However, they come with their own set of challenges. Influencer deals require strong negotiation skills, crystal clear expectations, and a bit of faith that your influencer can create content that will truly resonate with your ideal customers.

They are powerful solutions but they can require a knowledgeable brand ambassador in order to be truly successful campaigns. Depending on your product or experience, it could be extremely risky and time consoming to take on an influencer campaign on your own. 

Search Engine Optimization

While companies like amazon have monopolized the modern shopping world, Google has still managed to take the gold for online shoppers. 62% of users use Google search when seeking a product. With that, it’s important to note that 91.5% of users search solely on the 1st page of their Google search results. Directly put: if you’re not showing up on page #1 of your users’s search terms, don’t expect an organic view let alone a sale. This is why services like SEO are so hot right now (like Hanzel). 

Looking to level up in SEO and start building rapport with Google? Speak to an SEO expert. 

Paid Google Search Campaigns

While SEO is powerful, it is a long game and often can experience great difficulty for small/mid e-commerce companies going up against massive global brands. 99% of these brands have 10+ years of SEO work under their belt and millions in marketing budgets to build out powerful backlinks. 

So while we know we just broke your marketing hearts, we have good news for all the small / mid sized businesses out there.

Google Search campaigns levels the play ground, allowing small/mid businesses to compete with massive corporations in their industry with million dollar marketing budgets. They allow your business to show up on the Google Suite: a.k.a. the top 3 Google search results.  The top 3 results on Google searches receive 75.1% of user clicks ( 

Google Search Campaigns allow businesses to show up exactly where their customers are looking and in the moment that they are looking to buy. We call these high-intent customers. Google search customers are far more high-intent than customers who come across brands on social media. They are the holy grail of conversions. They are the customers that can will turn your 4-figure business into a 7-figure business in less than a year. 

Paid Campaigns are our bread and butter. Schedule a call with a  a PPC Expert. 

Proven Results for E-Commerce Brands

When it comes to selling products and services online as an e-commerce business, it’s easy to see that there are endless avenues. There is no magic formula. 

Powerful e-commerce campaigns require hard work, exponential expertise, empathy, and an in-depth understanding of your customer, as well as Google. This is why hiring a digital marketing professional is key. E-Commerce is not a DIY project. 

As you can see from a recent Yummy Marketing case study below, our agency knows how to level up your e-commerce business no matter how competitive your market. Our team of experts leverage the perfect mix of branding, SEO, Social media, and Paid Google search techniques to skyrocket your conversion rate in less than 30 days. 

Google Ad Statistics for E-Commerce Brands

Meet Your Team of E-Commerce Experts

If you are looking for a boutique agency that cares about your success, book a free consultation with one of our e-commerce marketing specialists today. We will create your brand a custom and modern digital campaign that captures not only the attention, but the hearts of your customers. 

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