Performance Max Campaigns Updates You Need to Know for your 2022 Google Ads Campaigns

Over the course of the past few years, Google has introduced numerous automated tools like Responsive Search Ads, Smart Bidding, close variant keywords, etc. And while these tools have helped advertisers level up their ad campaigns, the Performance Max Campaign feature is revolutionary.
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If you haven’t set up one before, allow us to share a few benefits of Performance Max Campaigns:
  • Your ads can now be set up to be displayed across the entire google network: Youtube, The Google Display Network, Google Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google maps.
  • PMC’s use more complex AI and machine learning that allows advertisers improve their strategy
  • Stronger insights that allow advertisers a deeper understanding of their customer insights and user behavior by tracking across the entire google network
  • Highly detailed campaign set up tailored to achieving your specific KPI goal(s)
  • PMC’s combine user info from customers on all walks of the google network – from google search to youtube – allowing marketing experts more knowledge on optimizing ad spend and re-adjusting bidding for the best possible results.
To help advertisers get the most out of their ad spend and run results-driven Performance Max campaigns, Google has rolled out several new features and updates, like optimization score, seasonality adjustments, advanced local targeting controls, and more. Let’s look at the four major updates you should know about in 2022.

4 Major Updates to Performance Max Campaigns You Should Know

Following is the list of four major performance max campaigns updates you should know about:

  1. Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns Upgraded to Performance Max
  2. Introducing Campaign Optimization Score
  3. Tap into Diagnostic Insights
  4. Laser-Focus on Your Target Audience with Advanced Location Targeting Controls

Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns Upgraded to Performance Max

Smart Shopping and Local campaigns are going away. Google announced that all eligible Smart Shopping campaigns will automatically be upgraded between July & September, whereas all eligible Local campaigns will be upgraded between August & September. Once all your Smart Shopping & Local campaigns have been upgraded to performance max, you won’t be able to create new ones. If you’re reading this article after September, chances are that you aren’t currently able to create Local and Smart Shopping Campaigns. According to Google’s early testing data, advertisers who upgraded their Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max witnessed a 12% average increase in conversion value at the same or slightly better return on ad spend.

Google hasn’t yet revealed any official data related to local campaigns being upgraded to Performance Max. However, it’s important to note that Google’s Performance Max has similar foundational features as Smart Shopping & Local. With Performance Max campaigns, you’ll have better visibility – as they cover additional platforms like Google Discover and Maps. Alongside this, Performance Max uses the best of Attribution & Machine Learning Technology for helping businesses get the most out of their ad spend. You can also select multiple conversion goals + prioritize what you’re looking forward to achieving. Lastly, in the case of Performance Max Campaigns, asset groups are at the center – as they’ll replace Smart Shopping Campaign’s ad and product groups. Don’t let this automatic change ruin your holiday season sales. Allow our strategic Google Ads experts to help you set up your new campaign.

Optimization Score

Campaign Optimization Scores

Need helpful recommendations? Looking forward to gaining insights into gaps and opportunities – allowing you to understand where your campaign has room to grow? Google has fully launched Optimization Score for Performance Max Campaigns.

smart recommendations
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This score ranges from 0-100%. So, if your campaign stands at any number below 100%, then you’ll get smart recommendations about how you can improve your campaign. Maybe, your ads max out your limited budget on your busiest days. Or what if you have poor visibility on Google Play, YouTube, or other channels due to lack of a video ad? By looking at your campaign optimization score and smart recommendations, you can optimize your Performance Max Campaigns for the best possible results. You don’t have to do it alone. Wondering how to implement these smart recommendations the right way? Book a call with us today.

Diagnostic Insights to Ensure a High Functioning Ads Campaign

Want to understand whether your Performance Max campaign is running smoothly or not? Confused about why your campaign is unable to help you drive conversions? After you set your Performance Max campaign up, you can gain insights into issues related to budget, billing, ad policy, bids, and more with Diagnostic insights. When you click on “Show all campaign diagnostics,” you’ll get a detailed breakdown for:

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Policy Review
  • Billing Status
  • Account Status
  • Campaign Status
  • Bid Strategy Target
  • Campaign Budget
  • Ad Strength

Also, to address or fix these issues, you’ll get tailored recommendations, helping you drive better results. Don’t let these issues have an impact on your sales. Allow our strategic experts to help you out.

Advanced Location Targeting Controls

Laser-Focus on Your Target Audience with Advanced Location Targeting Controls

Growing frustrated with junk traffic wasting your advertising dollars? Let’s say you run a pest control business in California. In that case, if you have set your target location as “California,” then your ads will be visible to people based in California, who regularly visit California and also who use terms like “pest control california” or “pest control agency california.”
But what if you don’t want to target the ones who are showing interest and just want to present your ads in front of people based in California?
Or what if you want to exclude a few locations?
Google’s Advanced Location Targeting Controls allow advertisers to be precise with their targeting. You’ll see the following location targeting options while setting up your Performance Max campaign:

(Image source: Google)

As clearly visible, the target location has been set as “United States” and the target as “Presence: People in or regularly in your targeted locations.” This means – even if people based in Asia or Europe are using the term “United States” behind the target keyword, then the ads will not be displayed in front of them.
At the same time, you can even enter locations to exclude.

Performance Max Google Ads Experts

Yummy Marketing: Your Performance Max Google Ads Experts are here to help

Don’t waste your ad budget on junk traffic. Allow an expert to help by monitoring your campaign daily, ensuring you’re getting the bang out of your buck on allocated ad budgets, as well as ensuring your ads are alluring and reaching all the right people in the right moments. Want to save time and focus on other important aspects of your business? Ready to get more sales – and quickly? Google’s machine learning and AI-driven Performance Max is the advertisers’ best chance at reaching the right target audience effectively and quickly. Even though Performance Max is claimed Google’s “fully-automated approach”, you’ll likely need experts by your side to help monitor your campaign set up and ongoing optimization. With over 30 years of combined experience and high-grade expertise, our Google Ads experts are ready when you are.

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