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Yummy - Search Engine Optimization_colormatchedGoogle now processes more than 3.5 billion searches every day. How many of those are finding your website? How many should be finding you? We can help with our St Louis SEO services.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art and science of getting your website to rank high on non-paid or “organic” searches -- preferably in the top half of the SERP (search engine results page). Our St Louis SEO experts call it both a science and an art because great SEO requires technical savvy and creativity. The words, graphics and images you choose must work hand-in-hand with links, fast-loading pages, proper titles and descriptions, and more.

Great SEO

Expert SEO means higher-quality web visitors and leads, improved site credibility and expanded awareness of your brand and services. Our St Louis SEO services will get content writers, graphic designers and IT experts working as a team on a proactive, goals-based SEO strategy that gets conversations started about your business. We’ll also show you how to repurpose and optimize content from your other resources to improve message consistency and drastically reduce staff time.

Not-So-Great SEO

Poorly executed SEO can do more harm than good. Google tends to ignore sites that try to manipulate its algorithms -- and Google changes those algorithms frequently anyway. References (links) from other websites don’t all carry the same weight. And failure to include your social media profiles in your SEO strategy has a high opportunity cost.


When someone calls up a Google (or Yahoo or Bing or…) search bar, they type in a word, words or phrase representing in their minds what they’re looking for. “In their minds” is key here and why in SEO, we call them keywords. The more closely your website matches the searcher’s keyword(s), the better your chance of showing up in the search results.

Our St Louis SEO services team has the experience and tools for keyword research specific to your product, company and industry. We will learn the long-tail keywords that make your site a perfect match. And we’ll show you how to weave these into your content naturally and logically for the best results.

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On Site SEO St. Louis

On- Page

Work that happens on your website such as specific page structure, content, and navigation.

St. Louis Off- Site SEO


Work that is done outside of your website, primarily link building and content strategies.

White Hat SEO St. Louis

SEO Protocol

Yummy SEO assures 100% "White Hat"  Google compliance.

St. louis SEO Company

Detection Mechanisms

We put mechanisms in place so Google can detect your relevant backlink infrastructure as quickly as possible upon a user’s query.

St. Louis SEO Reports


Monthly reports are emailed containing keywords you have attained first page rankings for, we do not limit your keywords.

St. Louis SEO Backlink Infrastructure

Custom Backlink Infrastructure

We establish 100% keyword-relevant “BACKLINKS.” Google, Yahoo and Bing all depend on your backlinks to determine how relevant your site is to specific keywords.

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