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Your website is usually the first, and often, the only employee your customers will meet.

Yummy - Web Development_colormatchedWhat will they say after the interaction?

  • “A little slow.”
  • “Didn’t find what I wanted.”
  • “Confusing.”
  • “Boring.”
  • “Looked weird on my phone.”

Yummy’s middle name is “Image” for a reason: We care about your image. We want to make sure your web visitors are impressed with your online image:

  • “Fast and responsive.”
  • “I found exactly what I was looking for.”
  • “Easy transaction.”
  • “Loved the way it looked and sounded -- made me excited to get to know the company better!”

As your St. Louis web development expert, we talk a lot about driving visitors to your site. Once we get them there, how do we make them stay and do business with you instead of your competition?


Don’t let the creation or revamp of your website feel daunting. The key is the discovery phase, where we will spend time listening, talking, assessing, advising and working closely with you on your vision for the site. Our experienced web developers know what to ask and how to coach teams to a consensus. This will be the fun part!


Your site is your storefront, so we’ll make sure it reflects your brand, your messaging, your customer service philosophy and your products and services. Our award-winning designers stay on top of trends, and they’ll ensure your site design is consistent across devices along with the best web development.


While the designers know “cool” and “beautiful” and “complementary colors,” our web developers know what works from the UX (user experience) side. They’ll implement the design in a way that doesn’t compromise your site’s effectiveness or ease of use, and troubleshoot until we’re satisfied it’s ready for your customers.

E-commerce and Deliverability

We’ll work with your database and e-commerce providers to incorporate those functions seamlessly into your site, or develop them for you. We’ll keep you updated on our progress with frequent reviews and deliver the site on time.

“Unique” is as overused today as “American as apple pie.” We don’t use a word unless we mean it, though -- so when we say we know how to bring out what makes your business unique and put it on the web, you can take us at our word.


Ask, listen, research, and reveal.


Objective based design and user experience design.


Programming, implementation, and professional accountability.


Delivering your package on time and with a bow!

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What They Say?


Yummy Image Media had a great time working with The Sinclair group to create some awesome commercials!

Dave Sinclair