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4 Easy Steps to Delicious Social Media Marketing

Yummy - Social Media Marketing_colormatchedNothing has the power of social media for targeted reach and instant feedback. Our full-service consultants know how to make sure you get heard through the digital noise of St. Louis social media with authentic, thoughtful and timely posts always on message.

Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or any other social platform, your network channels should generate hot leads and enhance or refine brand awareness so you have more potential customers to convert.


  1. Create professional social channels around strategic objectives

What platforms should you be on? Do you know why each platform needs its own nuanced messaging -- and how to create it? Is it okay to have an intern post to your accounts? Should you bother with LinkedIn?

Your answers to these and many other marketing questions will determine where you should concentrate your social media outreach efforts. As you decide which platforms you can and should take on, remember to ask how you will measure your results beyond mere numbers of likes and followers.

  1. Target your audiences with specific on-brand messaging

All pie lovers do not like the same flavors. You wouldn’t serve apple to a cherry lover and expect him to come back for seconds, so don’t make the same mistake with how you talk to different potential customers. The value of a professional copywriter is in their ability to reach your audience members where they are today, so they’ll be receptive to your conversion message tomorrow.

  1. Capture those leads

Generating leads is the number one marketing challenge of every business. That’s why tying a sound social media marketing strategy to business goals is vital. It’s a time-intensive process with a huge promise of return. It’s also a big risk if you aren’t ready to fulfill your brand promise.

  1. Manage those leads

Every marketer knows the recipe: It’s easier to keep a customer than to acquire one. In fact, according to Econsultancy, for every $92 you’ll spend getting new customers, you’ll have to spend only $1 to keep them. That’s quite an ROI! But remember, this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Be prepared to convert those first-time customers into loyal brand advocates with top-notch customer service.


Create professional social channels with long term objectives in mind.



The internet never sleeps, we work day and night to respond to the masses and much more.



Target your audience with engaging offers and have them come to you!



Turn advertising into hot and ready leads with our strategic capture approach.


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