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Call 314-456-8666, if you are running a business based in St Louis, MO and you have a website that is not ranking so well on search engines, then the chances are you should look for an SEO company in St. Louis, MO that can help improve your search engine optimization. Question is, how do you find an SEO company in St. Louis and make sure you are ranked on the first page of leading search engines such as Google? Well this article will provide some basic advice and tips and will also highlight some of the pitfalls of finding a good SEO company.

Advice and Tips:

1. Don't do it yourself - You could just learn to do it for yourself, read a few books and maybe even take a few online courses. However, SEO is changing all the time and no sooner you have learnt one way that gets you to the top ranking, then next you know it has all changed and you are now ranked bottom. In short get a professional organization to do it for you.

2. Locally not globally – The St. Louis area is the 19th largest metro area in the USA with a population of more than 2.85 million and according to a 2012 survey there are well over 644 million live websites on the internet globally, a figure which is growing by the second. So there is no point searching the whole of the internet for an SEO company when you need to promote your website locally, it is better to approach a company local to you. A local St. Louis SEO company such as Yummy will better understand your local demographics and are best placed to understand what is needed to help your company stand out from the crowd within your locality.

3. Do your homework first – Do not just rely on Google for your research. The top result may not be the best SEO company suited to your needs, it could just be the company that is paying more to rank highly or has more time spent on SEO. On the other hand the best company for your needs actually has a good customer base already so it is really busy doing the work and does not need to spend so much time ranking highly on search results. Likewise if an SEO company is claiming to be the best and claiming they can get you ranking higher than anyone else, chances are they may not be as good as they say or they may not have the seo company st louis mo solution for you. So do not randomly search for terms you think are important.

4. Be specific – This follows on from the last point. You need sit down with your team of staff and decide what exactly it is that you need, but instead of being random and vague about it, for example 'we need more site visitors', this just brings us back to having a global list of results. You need to be specific about what you need to achieve. In this example you could say, 'we need to attract more women visitors, from St Louis'.

Once you have your list, go searching for an seo company st louis mo because you want to get it right the first time, why not try Yummy and see a transformation on your website’s visibility?


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